• Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

December 28th, 2023|Comments Off on Bangkok, Thailand

Not every day is a great day. Some days, you make decisions that open your eyes to painful realities. I’m not proud of my decision to ride an elephant on our first day in Bangkok,

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

December 22nd, 2023|Comments Off on Phnom Penh, Cambodia

WARNING: This is a long post that includes some disturbing descriptions of historic events in Cambodia. It also includes images of smiling Buddhist monks and children at play…to remind us that life, while painful, is

Lecture Topics:

  • Argentina: Destinations: The Seven Provinces
  • Argentina: The Ancient Cultures of Argentina
  • Buenos Aires: Did You Know? Fun Facts and Information about Buenos Aires and Argentina
  • Uruguay: Destinations: From Montevideo to Punta del Este
  • Brazil: The Rainforest Cultures of Ancient Brazil
  • Brazil: The Lost Civilizations of Ancient Brazil
  • Brazil: Did You Know? Fun Facts and Information about Brazil’s Major Cities

  • Ecuador: Destinations: Quito, Otovalo, Guayaquil & the Galapagos Islands
  • The Galapagos Islands
  • Peru: Destinations: Lima, Machu Picchu, Iquitos, Tarapoto
  • Chile: Destinations: Santiago, Atacama Desert, Patagonia, Easter Island
  • Rapa Nui: Easter Island: Moai & More
  • The Amazon Basin: Destinations
  • Peoples of the Amazon
  • The Ancient Incas

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