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Lecture Videos:

Lecture Topics:

  • South & North Pacific
  • Mexico, Central America and South America
  • History, Landscapes & Destinations of the Islands of the Caribbean
  • Europe, Mediterranean and the Countries of the Baltic
  • Religious Topics: Comparative World Religions, Mythology and more…


Kind Words

I love hearing compliments from all those who attend my lectures. But, here are a few that stand out.

“As one of only a handful of experts in the study of ancient world mythologies, Patrick brings a profound knowledge of cultures from around the world and infuses this knowledge with a vibrant, often humorous and always engaging approach to storytelling…opening doors to the imagination and windows to the soul of humanity.”
James Belfont, PhD. , National Geographic Society
“Patrick…you constructed some excellent lectures which were clearly well appreciated by your very large audiences. The content and tone were pitch-perfect, especially your lecture on comparative religions before we visited Israel. The topic is central to an understanding of the Holy Land and I thought you spoke with clarity and diplomatic delicacy on a subject of great sensitivity.”
Sir Andrew Burns, KCMG Former British Ambassador to Israel, Former United Kingdom Envoy for post-Holocaust issues
“Patrick, your lectures have been the high point in a cruise with multiple high points. I believe in the saying ” When you choose the best, you will never be disappointed.” Obviously Viking believes the same, which is why they chose you to lecture on this cruise. We stepped into each port armed with “pearls” that prepped us to make the most out of each experience. I never felt like a stranger on any of the tours because your talks crossed cultural lines and turned boundaries into understanding. There were no empty seats in the Star Theater when you spoke. A full auditorium for an elective lecture is almost nonexistent in academia unless there is true, palpable value in the information and experience being presented. Your expertise in each subject most assuredly provided that value. In 11 years of college and subsequent clinical training I have attended many lectures and witnessed varying methods of delivery. Your “fun learning” delivery transformed the lecture experience. It is remarkable to consider that everyone on board looked forward to your next lecture.
It’s not like there is a shortage of fun things to do on the Viking Sky, yet there we sat in the Star Theater waiting with hundreds of others, to hear you speak. I will go home and look for you online so I can hear more, learn more.”
Dr. Bennett D. (Chip) Tucker, Jr., Huntingdon College EBD
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