• Patrick Goodness
  • Patrick Goodness


Marquette University: BA Philosophy & Theology

Advanced Studies: Cultural Anthropology

Macquarie University: Sydney, Australia

Waikato University: Hamilton, New Zealand

University of the South Pacific: Suva, Fiji

 Patrick Goodness

Patrick Goodness is a globally recognized thought leader in the study of ancient cultural mythologies, and brings a profound knowledge of global cultures with an engaging approach to storytelling.

Patrick has traveled and lectured in more than 110 countries around the world, studying and teaching global cultures and a becoming recognizable voice for the preservation of ancient mythologies, indigenous tribal lore and global religions and practices.

Patrick lectures frequently at universities and global conferences and is a popular enrichment speaker among discerning cruise lines. His lectures are peppered with valuable research, thoughtful observations, powerful analogies and dry comedic wit that always bring smiles.

With degrees in Theology, Philosophy and advanced studies in Cultural Anthropology, Patrick Goodness is one of the most recognized speakers addressing critical topics relating to cultural anthropology, comparative mythology and global comparative religions. Patrick is recognized for his ability to engage audiences of all ages and educational levels, providing informational and entertaining lectures and seminars that change how people see their faiths and how they perceive the world around them.

As the ninth child in a family of ten children, Patrick learned early on how to carve out a niche for himself. At the age of 13, Patrick left home to study for the Catholic priesthood, studying first with the Franciscans for four years and then with the Jesuit order for another four years. It was during these formative years that Patrick opened his eyes to the study of world mythologies and religions.

After eight years of religious studies, Patrick left the seminary to study in the South Pacific, continuing his studies specializing in the indigenous mythologies and tribal lore of the Aborigines of Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Since then, Patrick has traveled to more than 110 countries around the world, becoming a student of global cultures and a recognizable voice for the preservation of ancient mythologies and religions. He lectures frequently around the world, and is recognized for his lectures on ancient indigenous cultures, mythology and comparative world religions.

Presentation Style

The lights are turned down, and as the audience enters the auditorium to find a seat, native music plays in the background, setting a receptive and enthusiastic tone for the lectures that follow. Throughout the lecture filled with history, stories and personal anecdotes, the audience is given a rare visual treat of artwork, photographs and graphics that complement and bring the lectures to life. Humor is the surest way to build rapport and keep the audience engaged. As such, when possible, Patrick’s lectures are peppered with dry wit and comedic timing to keep the lectures light and entertaining. Guests learn about ancient rites and cultures in ways that amaze and leave them wanting to learn more.