“It was a pleasure having you and your presentations on board.
Thanks so much for the incredible talks, we look forward to having you on again.”
Mr. Scott Botha, Assistant Cruise Director, Disney Magic – Disney Cruise Line
“You definitely helped us to ‘deliver the wow’ to our guests. It was a pleasure to have you onboard as our Destination Lecturer. Hope to see you again soon on board any of our ships in the fleet.”
Flavia Sakurai, Cruise Program Administrator, Mariner of the Seas – Royal Caribbean
“Patrick Goodness was exceptional!”
Dr. Cea, Passenger, Viking Star – Baltic Cruise
“The enrichment lecturer Patrick Goodness was outstanding, both informative and entertaining. Really saved the cruise for me!”
Passenger, Rhapsody of the Seas – Royal Caribbean
“Patrick Goodness by far was the best presenter. His knowledge, presentation methodology and effortless delivery captivated the interest of everyone; thus the theater always full.”
Mrs. De Master, Passenger, Viking Star – Baltic Cruise
“Passengers by the hundreds flocked to his insightful, illuminating and entertaining talks which covered history and religion, gods and mortals, in all their glorious (and sometimes goriest) details. His lectures were one of the highlights of the trip!”
Peter Sinton, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco – Former Business Editor, San Francisco Chronicle
“On a recent voyage on the Viking Sky, Patrick Goodness gave a series of presentations that reflected various aspects of the Holy Lands, Comparative Religion and Greek Mythology.

The presentations were delivered in the most professional and competent manner, providing the absolute right balance and mix between fact and fiction (mixed with just the right amount of appropriate humour) and articulated with total confidence, clarity and understanding.

Patrick delivered five lectures to a filled “standing room only” auditorium. Every guest was delighted with the information they had received and left with a far better knowledge and understanding of these engaging topics. It was a real pleasure and delight listening to Patrick Goodness, and I would most certainly recommend him to speak about ancient cultures, mythologies and destination-related topics to any mix of audience.”

Commander Michael Cheshire, MBE., MBA., BSc., Passenger – Viking Ocean Cruises
“My wife and I have taken about 25 cruises over the last 30 years and we have heard a great many guest lecturers throughout that time. Over the past two weeks, we have heard the best guest lecturer we have ever experienced – Patrick Goodness.

Patrick’s experience and understanding of cultural anthropology & ancient indigenous cultural mythologies is extraordinary. He uses his expertise to show correlations between peoples from around the world in his lectures about ancient civilizations and religions as well as the religions and cultures of today. His presentations are highly professional, entertaining and engaging, and he drew a standing room only audience at each of the five lectures he did during our cruise. These included the ancient and current cultures, mythology and religions of Italy, Israel, Crete (Minoan) and Greece. He is truly an extraordinary and knowledgeable person.”

John Klipfell, CEO (Retired), AmericanGreetings.com
“Patrick, your lectures have been the high point in a cruise with multiple high points. I believe in the saying ” When you choose the best, you will never be disappointed.” Obviously Viking believes the same, which is why they chose you to lecture on this cruise.

We stepped into each port armed with “pearls” that prepped us to make the most out of each experience. I never felt like a stranger on any of the tours because your talks crossed cultural lines and turned boundaries into understanding.

There were no empty seats in the Star Theater when you spoke. A full auditorium for an elective lecture is almost nonexistent in academia unless there is true, palpable value in the information and experience being presented. Your expertise in each subject most assuredly provided that value. In 11 years of college and subsequent clinical training I have attended many lectures and witnessed varying methods of delivery. Your “fun learning” delivery transformed the lecture experience. It is remarkable to consider that everyone on board looked forward to your next lecture.

It’s not like there is a shortage of fun things to do on the Viking Sky, yet there we sat in the Star Theater waiting with hundreds of others, to hear you speak. I will go home and look for you online so I can hear more, learn more.”

Dr. Bennett D. (Chip) Tucker,Jr., Huntingdon College EBD
“Patrick Goodness delivered 6 lectures on board the Rhapsody of the Seas during an Around the Cape Horn Cruise in March, 2016. His lectures focused on the Ports of Call, nature, native cultures and Cape Horn. Patrick was a blessing to have on board. His lectures were very popular among guests. Every lecture was a ‘full house’ of guests interested in his entertaining lessons.

Mr. Goodness provided incredible knowledge and entertainment to our guests. In addition to his expertise on many subjects, he is also very funny and entertaining. His lectures had great feedback on comment cards and he was, no doubt, one of the highlights of the cruise.

The passion and the love for what you do can easily be felt by the audience.

We appreciated very much your flexibility, your extra time answering guest questions, and the way you enhanced our product while on board.”

Daniel Dornas, Activities Manager, Royal Caribbean International
“Really enjoyed Patrick Goodness. He does a great job of engaging the audience. As a speaker I appreciated the presentations.”
Mrs. Piazzo, Passenger, Viking Star – Baltic Cruise
“We always smile when we know Patrick is coming aboard. His enthusiasm for his lectures…and for learning is contagious. Patrick’s lecture presentations generate the highest turnout of any speaker we’ve had on board.”
Dan Hodge, Cruise Director, The Yachts of Seabourne
“Patrick Goodness was an OUTSTANDING lecturer and personality. So fortunate to have him on board – as the filled to capacity attendance proved!”
Passenger, Rhapsody of the Seas – Royal Caribbean
“After the first lecture, my eyes were opened forever. After the third lecture, I could no longer see the world the way I remembered it. Thank you for helping me (and everyone on board) see the wonder of mythology that surrounds us.”
Denise Stanford, Marco Polo Passenger
“Patrick…I thoroughly enjoyed each of your lectures on our recent cruise with Seabourn. The way you bring ancient cultures to life with your evident passion and remarkable understanding inspired me to want to learn more. You mesmerized the crowd and left everyone in awe of your incredible talent. It’s no wonder you were such a popular dinner host! We look forward to seeing you again on a future cruise. Where you will be lecturing next?”
Louis Camilleri, CEO, Philip Morris Int’l
“The best part of the entire cruise were the lecturers from Mr. Goodness on our days at sea…which were excellent. I wish they were longer than 45 minutes!”
Passenger, Rhapsody of the Seas – Royal Caribbean
“As one of only a handful of experts in the study of ancient world mythologies, Patrick brings a profound knowledge of cultures from around the world and infuses this knowledge with a vibrant, often humorous and always engaging approach to storytelling…opening doors to the imagination and windows to the soul of humanity.”
James Belfont, PhD., National Geographic Society
“Patrick has been and will continue to be an ‘all star guest lecturer…’ Many of our passengers know him by name and return to hear him speak. His innovative and informative approach to discussing the history and cultures of destinations worldwide…generates standing room only in our lecture halls. Patrick’s in-depth knowledge along with his rapport with our passengers has earned him a standing invitation to speak anytime on Orient Lines’ ships.”
Rob Janzer, Marketing Supervisor, Orient Lines
“Your lectures were a highlight of the trip. You did a fantastic job of marrying culture and destination together along with humor, and current information about the areas of which you spoke. Thanks again for a fantastic set of destination lectures covering many areas pertinent to our travels with great background information on all of them.”
Bill Allen, Mariner of the Seas
“Thank you so much for your fascinating and insightful lectures here onboard the Radiance of the Seas. We found your polished and professional presentations to be topical and well informed.
Your expertise and knowledge of local culture and mythology really enhanced the guest experience and your lectures were exceptionally well attended and very well received.
it has been a pleasure to have you here onboard and we would love to have you back with us again in the future.”
Francesca Markland, Cruise Program Administrator Radiance of the Seas
“We truly enjoyed Patrick Goodness – a truly knowledgeable and entertaining instructor.”
Mrs. Rhein, Passenger, Viking Star – Baltic Cruise
“As a Diamond Crown &Anchor member with Royal Caribbean, we have enjoyed more than 50 cruises over the years. The lectures provided by Patrick Goodness were the best we have ever attended. The entire cruise must have thought the same. While most lectures attract 50-100 people, Patrick’s lectures were standing room only. In a theatre with a capacity for more than 1700 people, that’s quite a statement. The fact that the theatre was packed for all 4 of his lectures is evidence of his excellence and popularity.”
John & Barbara Watt
“Patrick…it was a pleasure to meet you and to have you on board. Despite cancelling three of the ports-of-call, you made a big difference and you can see it from guest comments. You are extremely responsible, very experienced and very dedicated to what you do.

The passion and the love for what you do can easily be felt by the audience.

We appreciated very much your flexibility, your extra time answering guest questions, and the way you enhanced our product while on board. Hope we get to work together again at some point. Please let me know if you are ever in Uruguay so that my wife and I can invite you over for dinner!”

Santiago Scarone, Hotel Director , Rhapsody of the Seas – Royal Caribbean International