Who We Are Spills Out in Times of Crisis

Imagine walking down the street, minding your own business when someone comes out of the blue and crashes into you, making you spill your coffee everywhere. Now…Why did you spill the coffee? The obvious answer

Your Perspective Informs Your Opinion: How We Respond to Quarantine is as Complex as our Country

Just today, I saw a Facebook post from a friend that hilariously illuminated how dogs and cats view the current Coronavirus quarantine. The dog asked “Why not work from home forever?" The cat was adamant

Lecture Topics:

  • Egypt & Sinai: Destinations
  • Ancient Egypt: Stories of the Land & her Peoples (2 Lectures)
  • Biblical Sites of Egypt & Sinai
  • Abraham: Father of Three Faiths (Islam, Judaism & Christianity)
  • Africa: The Birthplace of Humanity
  • South Africa: Destinations, History & Landscape
  • South Africa: Native History & Tribal Mythologies
  • Tanzania: Destinations, History & Landscape
  • Kenya: Destinations, History & Landscape