We all seek happiness: in our relationships, in our work, in our lives. Yet happiness is not found in the seeking. It eludes those who search for it.

Happiness is found in the expression of joy and the giving of self. We must recognize happiness, choose it and then wear it like a new piece of clothing.

When we see others in need, we must share our happiness freely, like the flame of a candle. Passing our light to others doesn’t diminish our flame. Nothing is lost in the giving. Their joy is ignited by our joy, spreading to others, this contagion of happiness.

In our time of need; when we feel estranged from our gratitude, alone or undeserving of happiness, our flame is returned, through the love and compassion of those we have touched along the way.

Happiness reminds us: We are not what we have , but what we choose to give freely.